A Family Law Firm That Sets the Standard

When it comes to getting a good lawyer, there are a number of especially important qualities you want them to have: communicative abilities, experience in their field, and conscientiousness. As you delve deeper into more specific fields of law, the requirements shift and change and evolve past these three basic points.

When it comes to what makes a fantastic attorney specializing in family law, you can break down the most important qualities into 5 major categories: communication skills, research and support skills, integrity, and knowledgeability. Family law is a complex and highly contentious field, and it is absolutely essential for any attorney that works in it to have at least a passable level of each of these traits to successfully execute your case.

If you are in the Orange County area and are looking for someone to help you get through a divorce or assist in the adoption process, this publication highly recommends the Santa Ana-based family law attorneys of Shuff Law Firm. The firm has a 43 year history of exemplary service in the arena, which is a level of experience you’re going to have trouble finding anywhere outside of some of the major corporate offices in Los Angeles and New York.

To break down how the firm conforms to each of the previously mentioned traits, we can navigate over to their yelp page and grab testimonials that prove their ability to provide exemplary legal advice and representation for whatever aspect of family law you are pursuing.

The Shuff family’s communication skills are demonstrated with this review by L.R.:

“My entire experience with Shuff Law firm has exceeded my expectations and I was extremely satisfied. A close friend connected me with Joe Shuff. I was always impressed with how organized the staff was and how they always made me feel as if I had priority when calling the office…Tamara took the time to explain everything and answered all my questions with such patience. I was so happy to have them represent me and be my voice in such a complicated case. The circumstance was horrible but the outcome was amazing.”

Their research and support skills are demonstrated with Kelly G.’s review here:

“My highest respect and regards for this law firm, in which I am extremely thankful for the level of professional care, support, advice and representation I received during a most difficult divorce. Tamara is the first lawyer that actually understood the complexity of my situation AND took action.  Her support staff were caring and timely.  I highly recommend this law firm to all my friends and anyone who is need of understanding and intelligent help.”

The firm’s integrity is testified to by Melissa B.’s review here:

“I was referred to Tamara Shuff Mortensen from a friend.  Divorce isn’t easy, but Tamara made it comfortable for me. She is very professional and helped me with my divorce process. She was organized and efficient in moving through the process and with an agreement that allowed me to move on with my life. I have been back to meet with her for some life changes and revisions.

Finally, Jeff H. regales us with the father-daughter team’s knowledgeability in the field in his sterling review here:

“If you want results?  This is the firm and people that will get your Family/Divorce situation/case solved effectively, efficiently, and the best.  I used 2 other lawyers prior to coming to Tamara and her father and they completed what I needed to be done in a short period of time and without the BS associated with family courts.  Could I have been lucky with my situation? Maybe – BUT what I have learned in business is over communication, being straight forward (hearing the GOOD and the BAD), and relentless (like TAMARA was and is) is the best medicine to quell the sickness of this not so fun process of divorce.

If you are looking for a family law attorney in Santa Ana, we cannot recommend Shuff Law Firm more. You can find them at:

Shuff Law Firm

(714) 834-0175

2634, 2107 N Broadway #301, Santa Ana, CA 92706