A Fantastic Mediation Firm in Orange County

McNamee Mediations is a mediation firm based in Orange County, California.

Colleen McNamee is a licensed family mediation specialist and she and her firm offer an alternative to divorce lawyers. Divorces often end up being messing, sticky situations that lead to large bills and often contentious, unhappy meetings. Colleen knows this because it is what she used to do, but after working on a case that was particularly heated and ugly she realized that there was a better way.

Instead of each person in the marriage hiring their own divorce lawyer and getting into an all out battle, where pride and competition win the day, she saw that you could use mediation to help couples work through their divorce together. As opposed to divorce cases, that tend to drive couples even further apart and generally leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouths, Colleen has seen her mediation actually help couples, sometimes to the point of even getting back together, and in other cases still separating, but on peaceful terms.

We found that amazing! Some couples on the verge of divorce being brought back together through Colleen’s mediation. Imagine if they would have gone the normal route and each hired a divorce attorney. Not only would they have spent significantly more money, but they almost certainly would have actually ended up divorced completely tearing apart a family.

Colleen is a Certified Family Law Mediation Specialist and has worked on over 4,000 cases since she began meditating. To her it is clear to see that mediation is much preferred to a traditional divorce case.

You may be wondering what the difference is between meeting with a mediator and a divorce lawyer.

Divorce mediation typically:

  • Costs significantly less than a normal divorce, usually close to 90% less.
  • Tends to bring people closer together, where normal divorce processes tend to increase conflict.
  • Helps individuals emotional wellbeing. The traditional divorce process is often times emotionally draining and can even be scaring. Mediation helps to limit this damage.

Whereas normal divorce lawyers:

  • Represent just one client, giving them incentive to try and “win” for that client, without considering the other side.
  • This can lead to increased tensions as it becomes an all out war to see who can win.
  • And it will cost significantly more and both parties end up paying for their own lawyer!

If you are dealing with family conflict, we highly recommend meeting with a family law mediator before seeking out divorce lawyers.

One other interesting note about Colleen’s firm, they will only work with couples and families. They do not work with or represent individual clients. This allows her to see and fairly represent the interests of all parties involved. She is able to do this as a neutral third party who simply wants to see the best outcome for all everyone involved.
With her years of experience, genuine heart to see the best for all, and expertise in the field of mediation we highly recommend McNamee Mediations for any and all families in Orange County that are going through conflict.

You can find McNamee Mediations here:

McNamee Mediation

4590 MacArthur Blvd Suite 500, Newport Beach, CA 92660

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