Beware of The Leading Causes of Divorce…Before It’s Too Late

Love and life aren’t always sunshine and rainbows. If you or your partner did something wrong, the two of you might be at odds and find it difficult to get back to normal life. Some couples, however, end up growing apart when conflict presents itself, and they find themselves ending up in a divorce. When partners are no longer able to cope with each other, they wish to end their marriage to live an independent life. There are many reasons and circumstances that lead to divorce. Reports reveal that these are the reasons behind the increasing cases of divorce in the United States. If you understand these reasons, it is possible for you and your partner to save your marriage before it is too late. 

Extramarital affairs and lying 

When one of the partners drifts away from the relationship and gets involved in an extramarital affair, the situation can lead to divorce. Infidelity is one of the biggest causes behind divorce cases. Up to half of marriage breakdowns occur due to broken trust in marriage. It is one of the most commonly reported legal reasons for filing divorce in the United States. 

Financial instability or overspending

Over the years, money has become an essential aspect of a happy and healthy life. Therefore, when people face some financial instability during the course of married life, they are likely to file for divorce due to the stress and headache caused by no longer having a financially comfortable lifestyle. Also, when one partner is unable to earn a stable income or cannot control their spending habits, this can lead to the dissolution of marriage. 

Lack of communication and distrust

Communication plays an important role in healthy relationships. When couples do not talk to each other openly, misunderstanding and distrust is inevitable. Experts advise partners to maintain good communication habits. It is impossible to share a life together without being honest and supportive with one another. Always strive to be mindful rather than hurtful in your words and actions.

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Constant arguing and disdain

Many couples have a bad habit of arguing time and again, even on the smallest of issues and life matters. This habit is not appreciated in a happy married life. A published report reveals that constant arguing is the main cause behind 57.7% of divorce cases. When couples keep on arguing with each other, they are likely to lose temper without coming to a conclusion over matters. 

Emotional and physical abuse

Emotional and physical abuse is a sad reality that contributes to nearly one-fourth of all divorces in the United States. Such cases may even cause depression and stress-related symptoms to victims of domestic abuse. In addition, a lack of cooperation and civility among partners can also lead to challenges in relationships.

If you are seeking a divorce, consider mediation, an alternative to traditional litigation. Mediation is a process of legal separation facilitated by a certified divorce mediator, a neutral third party who will guide you and your partner to mutually agreed upon terms of separation. You can give McNamee Mediations a call today.

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