What To Expect If You Are Facing Deportation

As of 2019, the expected cost of applying for United States citizenship has gone up by 61 percent. Immigration law concerns those who are not born in the U.S. and seek permanent residency. It can be quite complicated and therefore a highly recommended to consult with an immigration lawyer. Unfortunately, many try to bypass the necessary steps to obtain residency or citizenship in the US and end up in hot water.

If you are residing int the US as an undocumented individual, you could face arrest and deportation. The Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may arrest you at your home, office, or work. If you are an undocumented person living in the US, this can be your worst fear and unfortunately what you must be prepared to face at any time. ICE can legally attempt to arrest you at night as well as lie about who they are and what they are looking for in order to enter your home.

If you have been ordered to be deported, you will either be taken to immigration jail or home, where you will wait fo the government to arrange for transportation back to your home country. You will receive a “bag and baggage” letter, with information on where to show up for your departure and what your baggage allowance is.

If you are facing deportation, you should not ignore the “bag and baggage letter”, as you may face a criminal charges along with prison sentencing. This can put your loved ones at risk, as they could potentially be charged for assisting in a criminal act. If you are unable to travel on the ordered date, you can file a request to postpone your deportation. If approved, you will be granted more time and you may be allowed to work before your deportation.

Whether you are attempting to obtain residency or citizenship in the US or facing deportation as an undocumented resident, your best bet is to work with an immigration lawyer. Any attempt at circumventing the system can result in serious consequences and bar you from re-entering the US in the future.

An immigration lawyer will defend you in immigration court, help prepare your paperwork, and assist you with the language barrier if English is your second language. They will represent you in immigration court and can defend you against arrest and prevent you from being deported.

Kiran Nair is an immigration law attorney in Orange County who has represented undocumented individuals and effectively obtained release from custody, work authorization, and temporary and permanent resident or green card status. Furthermore, she has successfully represented individuals with criminal convictions and reinstated their temporary and permanent resident or green-card status. 

Kiran Nair Esq.

Kiran Nair has been representing and defending immigrants since 2005. Having worked for a successful criminal defense attorney, she has an extensive background with cases involving immigrants in removal and deportation court proceedings. She founded K Nair Law Group in 2010 to specialize in immigration, deportation, and criminal conviction relief.

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