Divorce Court Alternative

Mediation represents an appealing alternative for mny couples undergoing the process of separation. Not only does it normally cost much less, the mediation process also usually results in a much more amicable post-separation relationship, as the couple works together with the mediator to ensure that assets and family access are distributed more equally.

Over the years, I’ve worked with and talked to a great number of family law attorneys and mediators, and they’ve run the gamut from exceptionally competent and moral to scummy and deceiving, but one firm I always recommend as a shining example of the field is McNamee Mediations. The firm has been running for 19 years and has garnered some of the most sterling testimonials of any that I’ve seen.

Take, for example, Cindy’s Yelp review here:

My separation was a very difficult process. I was extremely hurt and upset but agreed to do mediation as Colleen came highly recommended by a couple people. The first few sessions, we did not make it easy on Colleen, but she had a way of making us both feel at ease and listened to. I had my doubts as to whether mediation would work for us…but by the 3rd appointment I was so grateful we stuck with it.
Colleen is extremely knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable with the way everything was handled.
If we had stuck it out with our attorneys we would most likely still be arguing over silly things and spending waaaay more money. We got all of our appointments done within 3 months and now just waiting on the judge to sign off. While we all hope people don’t need to use these types of services, I cannot recommend using a mediator enough and not just any mediator…do your research and find a good one. McNamee Mediations is one of the best, if not THE best, in OC and you won’t be disappointed- Colleen is amazing!

Or Lisa’s review here:

If there is such thing as a Divorce Angel, then Colleen McNamee is it. More than an attorney with so much experience in family law, I believe Colleen’s life purpose is to mitigate as much pain as possible for the divorce couple. Having gone through a divorce, I am so thankful that we each didn’t have our own lawyer. If you have young children like I do, you must consider mediation as your first option. Colleen will address every concerns and legal ramifications and will make sure both parties feel heard and fairly treated. She gives couples a chance for a more successful co-parenting relationship. Do yourself a favor and reach out to her first before hiring an attorney.

The McNamee divorce mediation firm represents the gold standard for law offices in the field – competent, excellent customer service, and, best of all, it gets results for its clients. If you’re in the southern California area – especially Orange County – and you’re looking for the best in class mediation specialists, do yourself a favor and give Colleen from McNamee a call. Your wallet and your family will thank you for it.

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