Pandemics, Business Law, And You

While California has once again imposed lockdowns on its citizens to help slow the spread of Covid-19, the world doesn’t stop turning and businesses continue chugging along during a year beset with challenges. Those of us under the impression that politics, law, and society in general may slow down due to the virus and governmental responses to its spread have quickly been disabused of that notion. If anything, things have markedly (and perhaps dangerously) accelerated.

A variety of new restrictions and stipulations have been put on the companies operating within the U.S. thanks to the pandemic, and any infraction can easily lead to lawsuits, fines, and penalties. To help navigate your firm through the rapidly changing business law landscape, appropriate legal help is necessary.

Readers looking for a business attorney in Orange County to help them determine what changes need to made and policies enacted to avoid any possible legal trouble can look to one of the county’s best firms specializing in the field, Burris Law. Burris Law has begun virtual operations to provide clients with quality business law services and representation during these times of trouble, ensuring deals are properly ratified and protective policies are put into place.

Their Yelp page has been flooded with new testimonials since lockdowns first began, detailing the incredible work they’ve done providing solid representation for their clients even while the virus was making its initial rounds and the ensuing panic was in full swing. Take Lisa M.’s review here detailing their work during a contentious mediation:

“OK, so this was something we approached with trepidation and anxiety, anticipating working with folks who were not straight up honest and just dinging us for payments to do anything. And these were the folks we hoped would be on our side! (Crazy how law works, right?) Well, calm down. This group is outstanding; intelligent, and they are also kind. For example,Burris Law was amazingly understanding when we lost part of our incomes due to COVID still moved forward to guide us into mediation. We did not expect mediation to go well, but with Jason and Tim, we were astonished at how smoothly and fairly things progressed. The mediator that we worked with was just about as fair as a person could be, and we also appreciated that he explained each step clearly until it everyone aspect was understood. Our case, which we wish we’d NEVER had to deal with, was resolved within the day thanks to a skilled mediator, Jason and Tim, and the support they received from their office team. Did we get everything we wanted? No, but we know that our attorneys analyzed the situation and had solid information that helped us get the issues resolved in a just and expeditious way. It was a challenging case, at least for us, and we truly appreciated the way it was facilitated. We highly recommend the team at Jason Burris Law. Sharp, well-researched, and compassionate.”

Susan F. recognized their good work on her estate during the same timeframe:

“During this pandemic, we realized how important it was to have our Estate in order. We had no excuse to procrastinate anymore. We called Burris Law. They made it so easy. Everything was either done electronically or with social distancing.

The firm met all of our needs. They tailored our estate with specificity, with their full attention and promptness.

My husband is starting a business and we will continue with Burris for all of our needs with this endeavor.”

While the pandemic shows no sign of slowing, neither does the ever-fluid field of business law. To get solid and reputable representation for your firm, look no farther than Burris Law:

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