Keys to Lasting Love

Marriage is a sacred promise by lovers to one another: a promise of love, care, and commitment that is meant to last for a lifetime. However, there are times in a marriage that will test your commitment to these promises. Unfortunately, some married couples will choose to end their marriage through a divorce. With that in mind, let us take a look at some effective strategies to avoid divorce by keeping your marriage healthy.

Practice compassion 

You may think that you have already learned everything you need to know about your partner before marriage. But it is essential to continually try to learn about and understand your partner, even once you are married to them. People change, and so will your partner. New experiences will introduce changes to their and your perspectives. Hence, observing and learning about our partners, through understanding their interests, dreams, and views will help keep the marriage strong. The deeper the understanding of your partner, which less likely you are to have disputes—and when you do disagree, it will be easier to resolve

Be consistent and provide assurance

Life is full of temptations; you may find yourself attracted to people other than your spouse and wonder if that attraction will ever go away. Esther Perel is a psychotherapist and relationships expert who assures us that marriage and monogamy aren’t about a lack of attraction to people other than our spouse. Rather, this is a normal aspect of any marriage, and there is one simple solution: consistency and assurance. In an interview, Esther Perel stated that love is not a permanent state of enthusiasm.

Honest and open communication with your partner about your feelings helps to secure trust that your relationship will remain intact, even if distance comes in between. You can show your partner your love and commitment by making the effort with regular conversations, dates, gifts, and more. Love can be shown through cooking meals, doing chores, or taking care of your partner when they are sick or suffering.

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Transparency is key to a strong marriage. Married couples will see each other’s every flaw and asset. However, there must be unity and trust between both people in order for the couple to be able to cooperate and make the most of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 

When love comes to an end

When the relationship can no longer continue, couples will find themselves contemplating divorce. Many people dread this decision, as their vow of marriage was intended to last for a lifetime. However, divorce should not be seen as the failure of a marriage, but rather a new beginning. It is a way for couples to find themselves in better situations. The best California Divorce Mediator offers an alternative to divorce litigation: both parties legally separate on mutually agreed upon terms, as mediated by a neutral third party.

Mediation is often far less expensive than traditional divorce, and more importantly, far less stressful for everyone involved. 

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