The Negative Impacts of Social Media on Driving

There is no doubt that social media has brought the world closer together by connecting people through a unique platform of global interaction and communication. However, this technology has also given rise to negative behavioral trends, such as the shortening of the attention spans of its users. 

The Good & Bad of Social Media 

Social media applications are designed to give users the ability to upload their own content. However, this also enables people to earn other people’s approval for the content they post and to compare their own appearance and circumstances to others. This can cause self-esteem and body image problems. Those who are addicted to image-based applications and spend most of their time scrolling and posting content are most prone to experiencing negative mental health spirals.

Young women who use Instagram at least five times a day are more likely to connect their self-worth to their looks. While this does not conclude that social media is entirely the issue, social media applications offer tools for unhealthy patterns and habits to develop.

The Problem of Distracted Driving 

Drivers must keep their eyes on the road while driving. Drivers must not engage in behaviors such as applying makeup, eating food, or scrolling through their mobile devices. Each of these activities falls under the “distracted driving” accident category, which results in thousands of deaths every year. 

The most egregious form of distraction that is on the rise is using social media while driving. Facebook is the most commonly used social media app while driving. One in seven users admit to using Twitter while behind the wheel. Distracted drivers are reading Facebook updates, tweeting about traffic conditions, taking selfies, and even participating in online games — all while driving a vehicle on the road. The hashtag #whiledriving has gained much popularity and is most commonly paired with hashtags relating to nature and scenery. 

Photo of Person Driving a Vehicle
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How an Accident Attorney Can Help You Receive Compensation

The increasing prevalence of distracted driving is one of the major disadvantages of the social media craze. Engagement in social media while behind the wheel is dangerous to everyone on the road. Year after year, distracted driving tops the list of causes of car accidents throughout the United States. 

Many drivers are injured by accidents caused by distracted drivers. If you have been in an auto accident, you are not alone. Building the case for a distracted driving injury claim requires an experienced and skilled Poway accident attorney. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, accident victims are more likely to win cases and receive the full compensation they deserve. Without a lawyer on your side, you only risk settling for an injury claim that is lower than what you deserve. There are several types of compensation you may be entitled to for your personal injury claim: medical bills, pain and suffering, long-term emotional distress, and property damage for your vehicle. 

If you or a loved one have been personally injured as the result of an accident, give Villasenor Law Firm a call today.

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